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Privacy Policy and Cookie Information

Our privacy promise

We will never give out or sell your contact details to any third parties, nor will we use it to contact you, except in direct response to a request from you. We despise spam too!

Our use of cookies

We now have to advise you that our website stores session cookies on your device which store information to enable our CMS to work. They contain no user identifiable information and are destroyed when you close your browser, end your session or clear your cookies.

Data Protection

We operate this site strictly in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and legislation implementing and putting into effect permitted derogations from the GDPR. We minimise any collection of personal data, and to the extent any is collected in the process of operating the website we securely delete it once our legitimate reasons for holding it have expired.

Where you consent to giving us your contact details, we use those only for the purposes for which those have been given. You may email us to ask us to delete your contact details at any time.

Your other privacy options

You can test out your 'Do Not Track' settings by visiting the 'Do Not Track' website.

Browser Plugins: There are also independent browser plug-ins that aim to block wider attempts to track you. Abine's Do Not Track Plus is a leading free example. Alternatives include Ghostery and TrackerBlock.

You could also install a plugin for your browser from Google to opt out of Google's Analytics tracking.

Private Browsing: If you want to go a stage further and your browser supports it then also set the 'Private Browsing' option in your browser preferences.

If you can avoid social networking that will probably also greatly increase your privacy!