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Help using this website

You might also want to take a look at our Privacy and Cookie Policy, our Sitemap or even Search this website. If you get stuck please contact me.

How to use the galleries

Click on a thumbnail image to enlarge it, then use the buttons or drag with mouse (modern browsers) or swipe with finger (touch devices) to move between the images. Use the 'Esc' key or Exit icon [x] to return to the gallery.

Double click on an image to zoom in or out. On touch devices you can double tap to zoom in or out and on some devices you can also pinch to zoom in or out.

You can also choose the play button to cycle through the photos on the current page automatically.

When the caption and toolbar disappears, (which it does to maximise the viewing area), you can get it back by clicking on the screen or tapping the screen on touch devices.

How to increase or decrease the website font size

Several web browsers allow you to increase or decrease the font size of a page by using either the menus or key presses. Please refer to your browser documentation. Here are some of the more common ones:

Internet Explorer 5+

Select 'View' from the menu. There is an item labeled 'Text Size', which opens a sub-menu. This sub-menu should have the items 'Largest', 'Larger', 'Medium', 'Smaller', and 'Smallest'.


Apple key and '+' (increase) or Apple key '-' (decrease).


CTL key and '+' (increase) or CTL key '-' (decrease). CTL '0' resets to the default size On the mac use the "command" key (the one with the Apple logo on it) and '+', "command" "-" or "command" '0.


Select 'View' from the menu. There is an item labeled 'Zoom'. Choose the percentage of +/- zoom you require. Note this is a 'Zoom' not a font-resize.

How to use our website navigation

Main Navigation

Our website is split into sections. Each section is an item on the main menu at the top of the page, This effectively let you move between sections. Some section have submenu to navigate within that section.

Other Navigation

You can also click on the website logo title, situated at the top of all pages, to jump to the home page.

How well does this website validate


Much of this website validates as HTML5. You can see if a page validates by clicking on the 'HTML' link in the footer. (Where pages do not validate, it is usually a fault in the validator, incomplete HTML 5 specs, or a combination of both.)


Most of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) validate, where they do not validate it is because the choice was to put functionality and usability above validation. You can see which pages CSS validates and which does not by clicking on the 'CSS' option in the footer. (Most often the CSS fails to validate because of CSS3 or Responsive Media queries, which the validator does not always validate or embedded images or fonts.)


This website also has several accessibility features including: structured layout, scalable font sizes, list based menus with 'skip links', other navigation aids and mostly valid HTML using CSS for styling.

We appreciate the difference between passing automatic tests and real-life accessibility, and we have made considerable efforts in that direction and hope we have a site which is accessible to most people. If you have any problems please contact me, I will fix it if I can.