Food Photography

kebab with food and sauce flying out of it
noodles flying through the air with prawns, chillis and tofu and other ingredients
an egg, bacon and sausage sandwich with tomatoes with all ingredients floating above the other. Floating food.
flying pancakes with butter and syrup
table with nibbles and drinks on
Blood oranges sliced opened and juiced and some in a box.
Clams ans spaghetti on a blue table with salad and wine glasses.
margarita pizza with basil
pizza with stringy delicious cheese and basil
magnum ice cream lollies on pink background with chocolate poured over

Creating a style for your brand, thinking outside the box, making people look twice…

ice cream, strawberries and cream splashing into a bowl.
Coca-Cola bottle with coke sweets Pouring out on blue background pop art style
Red velvet cake photographed on a yellow background with hard shadows in a pop art style.
ham and pastrami cheese sandwich shot in a pop art style with blue props
cheese and bacon sandwich close up
Hot macaroni cheese being served with a spoon with steam rising from it.

We worked with Andre on a number of big food and drinks brands and he always delivered fantastic, well-considered results, that took into consideration the needs of both the client and the media.

— Jessica Becker, Managing Director, Manifest New York 
Moma food porridge and Oat milk with an assortment of breakfast condiments next to a picnic hamper