Drink Photography

long-Flint rum and fuego cocktail in a pop art style
long-Flint gin and tonic cocktail in a pop art style
long-Flint negroni cocktail in a pop art style

Fresh strong coffee, ice cold beers, artisan gins or colourful cocktails, always a pleasure to photograph!

coca cola pouring into a glass with ice and lots of bubbles
Copperfield sipping gin with notes of distillate on inside label
rum cocktail with a lime being dropped into it causing a splash.
Nespresso coffee cup on a dark background with a splash coming out of it.
Innis Gunn bottle of beer on a black background with smoke behind.
Smirnoff bottle image shot sitting on brushed stainless steel with a white halo behind.
rob roy whisky cocktail in glasses set on marble
whiskey being pored onto large ball of ice
a selection of cocktails shot from above with one being poured
and amoroni cocktail with gin, sherry and honey.
cocktail in a nick nora glass with a garnish of orange and olives in a bowl in the background
White wine sangria with elderflower, raspberries, peaches and lime in a glass with a jug of the same in the background.

We worked with Andre on a number of big food and drinks brands and he always delivered fantastic, well-considered results, that took into consideration the needs of both the client and the media.

— Jessica Becker, Managing Director, Manifest New York 
Chimes vermouth cocktail with pomegranate and tonic water set on a grey background