Drink Photography

Tanqueray blackcurrant royale gin with two drinks
Pink gin with rhubarb st in front of a window
Negroni on a dark set with smoke
cucumber gin cocktail in set designed to look like a house
cherry cocktail part of longing set pink_cocktail_standing_ with green background
pink_cocktail_splash with green background
espresso_martini_splashing out of glass onto perspex with red background
espresso_martini_standing on black perspex with red background clean co gin_rhubarb_and_bacon cocktails
clean co rum with cocktails
clean co rhubarb gin with watermelon cocktails
clean co bottles on a pink and green background
cherry_philharmonia_ludlow-gin-with-cherry twenty spirit in cocktails with pop art backgrounds and hand holding glasses. iced coffee in a glass on a pink background summer cocktail with a mint sprig and a splash with summery colours
cocktail splashing out of glass with colourful background
sol beer being opened and beer spraying everywhere
sol beer opened and being coming down the side.
selection of cheese and whiskeys on a table party vibe

Fresh strong coffee, ice cold beers, artisan gins or colourful cocktails, always a pleasure to photograph!

whiskey with dominos next to the glass on marble top
rum cocktail with a lime being dropped into it causing a splash.
Nespresso coffee cup on a dark background with a splash coming out of it.
xix vodka martini with olives splashing into the drink Nikka whisky in a bottle with a glass next to it with large pieces of ice chapel_down_gin_with drink and large ice and thyme
rob roy whisky cocktail in glasses set on marble
whiskey being pored onto large ball of ice
roku-gin-with a pink cocktail
cocktail in a nick nora glass with a garnish of orange and olives in a bowl in the background

“Amiable and flexible, Andre always manages to put his subjects at ease and get the best from them.”

— Emma Clark - Event Manager - Added Dimension
Mirabeau Gin with two cocktails and popcorn on the table with bright sunlight streaming through the images
Orange cocktails with ice and garnishes charteuse_bottle_and_cocktail with cinnamon stick smoking and limes on the table