Drink Photography

Copperfield sipping gin with notes of distillate on inside label

Fresh strong coffee, ice cold beers, artisan gins or colourful cocktails, always a pleasure to photograph!

Chimes Vermouth bottle shots on grey. Front and back of bottle shown.
Innis Gunn bottle of beer on a black background with smoke behind.
rum cocktail with a lime being dropped into it causing a splash.
Nespresso coffee cup on a dark background with a splash coming out of it.
winter warmer hot toddie With whiskey, lemon and honey
and amoroni cocktail with gin, sherry and honey.
a gin, bramley apple and chilli jam cocktail.
whisky, honey, lime and tea infused cocktail
Shandy with homemade lemonade and redemption beer
coffe in cup and spoon resting on coffee beans

We worked with Andre on a number of big food and drinks brands and he always delivered fantastic, well-considered results, that took into consideration the needs of both the client and the media.

— Jessica Becker, Managing Director, Manifest New York 
Copperfield gin and rose lemonade cocktail with rose petals
Summer lemonade cocktail with apples, oranges and gin