Using lighting to help images flow well together.

White wine sangria with elderflower, raspberries, peaches and lime in a glass with a jug of the same in the background.

Using a certain style of lighting can be used to make a group of images feel connected with each other.

Elderflower and Prosecco fruit jelly set on a plate with elderflowers in the foreground and a window in the background.
Elderflower Syllabub with Strawberries and biscuits  set in a tall glass and strawberries in a bowl in the background.
Elderflower and Lemon marshmallows on a pink plate sat on a linen crumpled cloth.

These four images all have various elderflower elements in the actual images which also helps to tie them together, with using the same style of lighting this helps the images to ‘flow’ well.

Credits: Many thanks to Carol Tennant for the food styling